Meet the Cornerstone Director and Teachers

Dedication to excellence starts here.  Cornerstone's Staff are outstanding Denton locals who love adventure and have a passion to teach.
Ms. Britt

School Director

Originally from Honolulu, Britton Blackwood lived and taught in multiple cities before settling in Denton.  She graduated from Vassar College with a double major in English and German Literature.  She holds a Masters in English, with a concentration in Shakespeare, from Georgetown University. 


While she loved teaching 12th, 9th, 8th, 7th, and 6th grades, as well as preschool from ages 5 down to 18 months, she took on administration awhile back and now serves Cornerstone as Director.


She has three daughters, one at Cornerstone and two alums.

Ms. Laura

Pre-K Teacher

Laura McNeely is our Pre-K teacher as well as overseer of Extended Day, and nearly done with her Early Childhood Development degree at Texas Women’s University. While she supports all methods that center on the child’s curiosity and meeting their individual needs, inspired by methods derived from Waldkindergarten, Montessori and Reggio Emilia schools, she dreams of building her own school one day. Since entering college, Ms. Laura has worked in multiple preschools and is grateful to have found such a fantastic community of children, parents, and educators!

Ms. Lia

2s-3s Teacher

Lia Berghahn has been working with children for 18 years.  She worked with autistic kiddos for several years with Denton ISD, and now serves CCP as our 2s3s Teacher.  She lives in Denton with her husband, has a 7th grade daughter, Lucy and a 2nd grade son, Adam, and their four kitties, Bitty, Cookie, Letti, and Gus.  

Ms. Cody

P.D.O. Teacher

Cody Johnston has known since high school that working with young children is her passion.  She comes to CCP with 13 years of experience in Early Childhood care and education.  From tutoring at-risk youth, to working in every classroom at her former preschool, to becoming a foster mom, this calling brings her joy and fulfillment.  Ms. Cody has reveled in her status as a stay-at home-mom for the last two years but is excited that through CCP she can have a beautiful balance between teaching and family life. 

Cody married her childhood friend and high school sweetheart, Tyler, in 2009.  They live in Denton with their two kids, three cats, and two dogs. 

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