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Laughing Boy

Play is a child's work and this is not a trivial pursuit.
~Alfred Adler



Our Philosophy


Through play and exploration, children learn to navigate their complex world. Cornerstone’s carefully prepared classroom environments reflect the school’s philosophy of preschool education. Ample time is given for children to observe, explore, speculate about, discover, and discuss their world in large and small groups.


Within a safe and nurturing environment, our children acquire and practice new skills, build a repertoire of responses to social situations, and develop problem-solving strategies; all while learning from their own mistakes and gaining the self-confidence to try again. 





The curriculum at Cornerstone Cooperative Preschool emerges from the interests and needs of the children. It is structured to provide a balance of individualized and group exploration, discovery and discussion, active and/or quiet play, and large-motor or small-motor activities.


Children investigate projects that pique their interest, explore teacher-prepared center-based activities, such as the dramatic play area, art projects, easel painting, playing with small manipulative toys or puzzles, listening to a story, or building with blocks.


Our mornings include group circle time, story time, music and drama. Time is spent outdoors riding tricycles and cars, playing on the play structure, in the sand box and digging for worms, dinosaur bones or bugs in the garden.

Come play with us:

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