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Cooperative Life


A cooperative preschool allows parents to be directly involved in their child’s school because Co-Op parents contribute their own time and energy to make it work.

Here at Cornerstone, family is cherished and celebrated; childhood is protected. Our children are guided not only by their dedicated teachers but by the committed adults who share in their classroom experience.  Parents are asked to volunteer in the two older classrooms as the teacher’s helper 1-2 times per month. Not only is the teacher provided with physical assistance, but parents bring their own interests, talents, and abilities to the classroom.


Parents learn and bring home new, innovative ways to educate their children, as well as get to know their child’s friends. In addition to time spent in the classroom, parents are expected to take on a board position, Adopt-A-Spot in the school, and help with school cleaning days and fundraising.  Our children glean an extremely rich and diverse experience because of every family’s involvement.
The children flourish in the nurturing, creative atmosphere of the Co-Op, and the adults, in turn, are inspired, challenged, and encouraged by the stimulation and support of the other parents. An additional benefit is the level of familiarity and closeness that evolves between the families. It is the Cornerstone family.

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